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Sapphire Vega 56 no signal error, fans go 100%, have to hard reset

Question asked by cel3b0rn on Jun 29, 2019

Last Saturday I bought a brand new Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse 8GB graphics card. After installing it I ran into a problem - sometimes (every 2-3rd time), when Windows was loading, my screen would go completely black and monitor shows NO SIGNAL, and in the same moment, my GPU fans go crazy, (spinning at 100% I guess). I could do nothing but restart my PC using a button on the case. I thought it was related to my system being crap already (havent reinstalled system for like 4 years), so I reinstalled Windows, installed new AMD drivers, everything was fine for five days, I played Metro Exodus and Wreckfest for many hours and it was ok, card was behaving very good, low temps, low power usage...


Today I bought Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Steam. I downloaded the game, set some settings, press Play... and guess what - fans go 100%, monitor shows NO SIGNAL. It's like that on both 60 Hz, 75 Hz (I have FreeSync 2560x1080 display), fullscreen, borderless, min settings, max settings... What the heck is that? Is it related to AMD drivers or WattMan profiles (Windows shows popup - Wattman profiles have been restored due to a crash) when I load Windows after restart? How can I fix this? As I said, I encountered it on my previous system, so it has to do with AMD drivers or something? I have not overclocked the card, use standard bios, dont use Sapphire Trixx. I literally have 4 icons in tray, Asus center, AMD drivers, Steelseries Engine and Steam.


Please help me. I still have 6 days to give it back to the store but I dont know if its faulty or not :(:(:(