Diagonal Glitch Pattern and Crash RX 570

Discussion created by insitu on Jun 29, 2019

Hi, I bought an Asus Expedition RX 570 card. My problem is that diagonal lines appear sometimes diagonally and the screen freezes a few seconds. Then there is a message from Wattnman that says; "The default configuration of Radeon Wattman was restored due to an unexpected system error" and a warning appears in the windows registers: "The amdkmdap display driver stopped responding and recovered correctly." All this appears when the GPU clock speed is 300 MHz. Always when I'm surfing the internet or the computer. With games everything works correctly. When the problem appears, the GPU clock goes from 300 MHz to 1244 MHz constantly. The Radeon application hangs and I have to restart it. Then the clock returns to 300 MHZ. I currently have the radeon 19.6.3 drivers installed. The installation was clean using DDU. I have a Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2H-USB3 board with i5 3570.