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windows 10 1903 update and core voltage under minor load

Question asked by on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2019 by misterj

First things first: I apologise for my english.
And now to the point. After 1903 update I've noticed, that core voltage under minor loads (like using music player, or watching a movie, or playing lite games) is sitting around 1.4 volts. I mean, if you do pretty much anything - it goes up and stays there. This wasn't the case in windows 1806: under aforementioned conditions voltage ocasionaly jumped to 1.4, but mostly stayed at around 0.8 volts.
As I'm writing this (on 1806), the music is playing in background and also a movie on a second monitor and the voltage is like 0.85 avarage. I'm using balanced power plan in both cases. Ryzen Master shows same voltages. PBO is off.
Is there any solution to this issue? Or is it just fine to run CPU under 1.4 volts all the time?


Ryzen 2600x
MB: Asus prime b450-plus