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AMD A10 9600p low performance on old directx 9 games

Question asked by jesus92 on Jun 27, 2019
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I won an Acer-e5 notebook with AMD A10 9600p + Radeon R8 m445dx.


The video card is ok, I can play "newer" games, like gta 5 for example, with medium to high settings and still stable 60+ FPS. However in games that need more processing power, the A10 9600p lacks performance, for example, csgo (counter-strike global offensive), which is a 2009 directx 9 game, runs at 25-35 FPS, it only goes above 60-100 when I'm alone in a match and starring a wall, but with players around its impossible to play effectively. I realized this happens with other older dx9 games, but doesn't happen with much more heavy games. Also, changing ingame graphics from low to max doesn't affect FPS too much, because GPU memory is already overkill for this game, but CPU is really weird,  I used to play on a Intel i5 4th gen with Intel HD 4000 graphics and it runs better than A10+M8445DX which made me realize this a10 9600p must have some lack of optmization. Is there a way to replace this processor or overclock it? Is there something AMD could do? I just can't explain this to my own head.