Amd R5 M430 missing settings

Discussion created by phoenix5s on Jun 27, 2019
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I am currently having a problem with my amd driver. The problem is that after performing a new installation of Windows 10, I forgot which driver was installed in my previous versions of Windows 10; So I downloaded all the drivers from the Dell website and, in doing so, I lost a lot of settings like eyefinity, relive and additional settings. So I tried the amd website drivers and worse, it does not even recognize my gpu but instead displays amd r5 M330, I tried all the solutions I found in the AMD or Dell forums, but these settings are still missing.

My laptop is Dell inspiron 15 3567 with 7th gen cpu and 8 gb ram and inell hd 620 1gb.

Here is my current driver :

Please give me the working solution to get back those settings