RX580 auto fan curve broken

Discussion created by rezzorx on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2019 by pictbrige

Hy everyone. So I have some problems with the auto fan curve from amd wattman, and the problem is that it isnt increasing as the temperature of the gpu is increasing, and it did before. I went yesterday to try the manual fan curve from wattman because i was getting high temperatures on auto, about 75°C on 60% gpu load and the fans were at 30ish %, but the manual fan curve in wattman is broken for me, the fan speed doesnt increase gradually but jumps up on the temp points. So I went back to auto and accidentally found out that my auto fan curve is broken, the fan starts spinning at about 54°C, which is normal, but the fan speed keeps dropping as the temperature increases, it drops from 21% to 17% at 72°C gpu temp. I tried fresh driver reinstall, DDU, deleted afterburner and trixx and again DDU,installed 19.6.3 and then 19.5.2, reseated the gpu, but nothing seems to be working. Anyone knows how to fix it or should i use a custom fan curve with afterburner or trixx? I have a Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ and the auto fan curve wasnt working like that last time i checked, a few months ago. Thank you.