Spanish (Spain) website elchapuzasinformatico breaches NDA, releases R5 3600 review

Discussion created by black_zion on Jun 25, 2019
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As of this post it's still up, though I'm sure someone at AMD will be yelling at them to take it down. I won't post all the images in the review, but I will post their Cinebench R20 results, since we have a thread for comparison. Also the review mentions that the Turbo function was not working on their X470 board yet, and that it hit 75 degrees under stress with stock cooling.



CPU NameCPU SpeedCinebench R20 Single Core Speed
Ryzen 1800X4 ghz401
Ryzen 2700X4.1ghz426
Ryzen 3600 (on X470 board)3.6 ghz (No Turbo)478