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Does b450/x470 motherboard need a bios update to work with ryzen 3rd gen?

Question asked by parkur on Jun 26, 2019
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I am planning to build a pc soon with the new ryzen 5 3600. But prices for x570 seem to be too high for my budget. 

So I am considering buying a b450 or x470 board (i want to go mini-itx). Bios update for those board adding compatibility for 3rd gen ryzen are starting to roll out for a little time now. But on AMD website, I saw a slide which said that B450 and X470 are compatible with 3rd Gen Ryzen and only B350 and X370 need bios update. 

Does b450 and x470 really need a bios update? or will those boards work out off the box (or allow me to enter bios to proceed bios update?)? Do I need to buy a cheep previous gen processor in order to do bios update? Or is that better to go for previous gen processor (like 2700 which is a quite cheap in my country).

Thank you for the help