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XFX Radeon RX 580 Crashes Computer and triggers startup loop.

Question asked by backhandsnipe on Jun 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by bashan755

I have owned an AMD XFX Radeon RX580 8GB GDDR5 since January and have run the card without issue until about a week ago. 


I was using AMD's automatic detect and update software to update to the latest drivers and while updating, the computer crashed. From there, the computer was on a never-ending startup loop with no fixes addressing the problem. Only after removing the GPU and completing reinstalling windows did the computer return to normal function. 


Having spent the better part of the day on attempting to fix the issue and troubleshooting potentially faulty storage etc I figured the GPU got fried in the faulty update and requested a replacement. I just received a brand new card, and after inserting the GPU the computer crashed approx 5 minutes after I inserted it. From there, the startup loop presented itself again. 


I've updated the BIOS, Motherboard, Windows, and removed all AMD drivers and reinstalled them. I've seen similar issues on with the RX 580 and many claiming its a PSU problem. If that is the case, why did my system run without errors for nearly 6 months? 


My System is as follows. 


Please help, I'm at a loss.