Dots on top and bottom of the screen in Apex Legends.

Discussion created by kingduckling on Jun 24, 2019

i get dots/squares at the top and bottom of the screen(horizontally) when i am playing, spectating or watching a youtube video of a character with missing health.

It is weird that this actually happens on youtube.

My PC config is:


DH67BL intel mobo

2x4gb ddr3 1333mhz ripjaws

evga supernova 750g+

Rx xfx 580 gts xxx edition


Now the dots stay there even though i swapped the old GPU back whihc is sapphire rx 460, tried a different monitor and on each monitor DP, HDMI and DVI cables. Issue was still there. 

I couldnt find this issue online, but this might be because i also dont know how to properly..... articulate what is happening, it doesnt seem to be artifacting since its instantly back to normal as i get back to full health.


Right now im running a clean installation of windows 10 pro, updated drivers, optimized for performance, clean windows boot, disabled dvr, tried different refresh rates. I cannot figure it out. 

Any ideas are welcome, thanks. Ah performance seems fine......well considering ancient cpu,ram and mobo.