My ryzen 1700 memory controller might be faulty

Discussion created by head3r on Jun 22, 2019
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Hi, I was wondering if my Ryzen 1700 has a faulty memory controller or if my motherboard is the reason why I cant bring my memory above 2133mhz.


I have the MSI B350 Tomahawk currently running my 1700 on and had many troubles regarding this particular board since it was a day one purchase the BIOS never was up for the task. After upgrading the BIOS multiple times and having the newest AMD chiptsets drivers I still cannot go above 2133mhz with my G.skill Trident 3200 CL16 (F4-3200 C16D-16GTZB. I now learned that my Ryzen memory controller might be the reason why I cannot go above this since this particular CPU should at least run the memory on 2666mhz everything above is considered OC if I remember correctly.


1. How long does the warranty of Ryzen last? (bought it in early 2017)

2. Could the memory controller be the problem? how can I test this if I dont have spare parts or another ryzen in reach

3. Does anyone have the same setup and can tell me if the clocks gone higher than 2133mhz

4. How big is my chance of having at least 2666mhz clock If I buy a b450/X470 board

5. Is there a support mail address, live chat or similar to get in contact with AMD?


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