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how come it say no amd graphics driver isnt installed

Question asked by hobbyguy on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by kingfish

How can i fix, i would put the info of my computer and the graphic card and if you need more info to determinant if both are compatible and if you are able to help me fix this. When i go to Device Manager that graphic card has a yellow triangle. I have install the software multiple times by the cd provided and amd website. and everytime i install it they give me a list log and every section i could see successful, so i dont know what could be wrong.


Hp Compaq dc7800p Core duo cpu E6550

Windows 7

4gb ram


Intel vPro

Power Supply 240W


Graphic Card


Radeon 6570 2gb ddr3

dual lin


Not sure what else you would need if this graphic card doesn't work for this computer can you guys let me know if there is one and witch one it is.