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AMD Catalyst Install Manager - Access denied

Question asked by mharis33 on Jun 19, 2019
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Recently we had major issue with all of our home computers (MACbook, Desktop, cell phone) I have been struggling over a month. Finally getting some where, I think AMD micro devices are being used to create tasks and process on my computer and when I tried to install Manager. I get this error message.

no matter what, I reinstall windows or reset windows after 10-15 minutes screen goes black and then it comes back and computer becomes so slow that I can't even move pointer of the mouse.


How Can I get to disable this feature on my computer so no remote tasks can be run? It's a home computer.


I already went through registry value but there are so many registry value for ATI and I disable one, 2 -3 minutes later a new logs create and it shows this was reenabled and value is kept hidden or something.


Error Message