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games lagging after update to 19.6.2

Question asked by dashka_0521 on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by zwei76

hello. i have amd nitro rx570 8gb. i played gta v at high setting, fifa18 with no lag, cs:go 250-300 fps at high settings on my old driver / i dont know my old version of software/. i updated my driver to 19.6.2 recently. then fifa18 lags, tears and i get only up to 120fps and lags in cs:go. why did this happen? can i know my last version of software that ran perfectly. i tried to restore my pc. but nothing happened. pls help. i tried 19.5.2, 19.1.2, 19.1.1, 18.12.2

i have i7-3770, 16gb of RAM, RX 570 8gb.