StoreMi causes BSOD

Discussion created by tomo360 on Jun 21, 2019
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I have a new rig with Ryzen 2700X and MSI Tomahawk B400 MB. So i put SSD M2 for C drive, and 2 HDD drives. One of them is 2 TB new Barracuda. I also put 128GB old ssd drive from OC - never had problems with this drive. New pc works excelent and Im almost happy. Almost, because I tried to use StoreMi with my 128GB OC ssd drive and new Barracuda 2TB. So, before I made a tier, Im installing StoreMi, and Java. After that, I get BSOD - sometimes it freeze my PC after 2-3 minutes, sometimes 15-20 minutes. I think that it could be a problem, that storemi overwrite AHCI driver. Making a tier dosent help. I have to uninstall StoreMi and then everything goes to normal, no BSOD, no freez after 4-5 hours of gaming. Whats the problem? I updated Tomahawk bios, I have all updates from Windows. What could be a problem?


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