Ryzen Master Increased EDC and CPU frequency permanently

Discussion created by digdeep on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2019 by digdeep

Today I installed Ryzen Master to see what will be my score with overclocked cpu to see if its worth to overclock.

Than I uninstalled software and to my suprise saw minimum frequency of CPU is not going to 1.5xxx mhz anymore but it stays at 2.444.7mhz and some cores at 3.667.1 mhz which is not Ok. I tried to change Power settings but nothing changes, frequency only changes if I set it to Power Saving plan, but I dont want that. Before Ryzen Master everything was fine, so I installed it again to see if I can put it to default settings, but Ryzen Master says it is already on stock settings. Ryzen Master also increased EDC value to 99% not just CPU frequency, my temperatures are now around 40C in idle . This is some bug in Ryzen Master as it does not set CPU to default, after uninstallation. Now Im thinking what to do and remembered I can do System Restore, which will hopefully help, but this needs to be fixed even if System Restore will help to resolve the issue because this should not happen.