Low GPU Usage in League of Legends

Discussion created by maddict on Jun 19, 2019



I've been getting low fps in league of legends which was weird since i have the 2200G APU and RAM @ 3000Mhz so this issue shouldnt happen since my system is powerful enough to maintain fps > 150 even in the most demanding situations (in lol).


So i decided to monitor my CPU and GPU usage so i can see if there is something wrong and here is what i found out:

When in game after leaving the fountain (around 1 minute in game) my GPU usage drops from 90-92% to 60% (from 220 fps to 150 fps) resulting in a fps drop which makes the game stutter especially in team fights (where i get like 70 fps or lower).

I tested Witcher 3, which uses my GPU @ 100% permanently , so my GPU doesnt throttle in this particular game.


During gaming i get the temperatures marked with red in the image i have attached.I have stress tested my system for long enough and i have a stable overclock on both CPU and GPU.

I also attached the DxDiag.


Also i am running the High Performance Plan in Windows.


What can be the cause of the problem?


Thanks in advance.