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Whats going on with my graphics card? Radeon rx 570 no signal message.

Question asked by thatkidflynn on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by goodplay

Hey guys, I'm very new to building my own PC.  I recently purchased a build on PC part picker.  My graphics card is a radeon rx 570. 


When I first booted it up with the HDMI in the graphic card slot i was given a no signal message from my monitor.  I was however able to get a signal when plugged into the motherboard,  and I proceeded to install windows.  Once Windows was open, I was unable to download the necessary drivers for the GPU and got an error 173 message that no hardware was detected.  I checked in the device manager and there was no sign of my graphics card.


Furthermore, after trying several different ports and monitors, reinstalling the GPU several times, and trying to uninstall and reinstall drivers I've found that when my GPU is on, i'm now getting a no signal sign when the HDMI is plugged into the motherboard as well.


I can't find any answers online and was hoping this community could help me.  Do I just have a faulty card?  Should I just restart the build from scratch?


Up until the point where I started getting no signal from the motherboard as well I could do literally everything else on my computer.  Please help.