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What are these file mean in C:AMD and why some old file version still here ?

Question asked by aajum on Jun 18, 2019
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Hello everybody, i am really annoyed by this problem since I bought a AMD Graphics Card product, everytime I upgrade my AMD GPU it's created files and folders like in the picture below, i don't understand why and recently I just update to Driver 19.6.2 and the UI Animation in AMD Radeon Settings feels cluttering and delaying, it's not smooth, I have this problem before and i solve it by using AMD uninstall utility and install the latest driver but things just not getting better because the problem just comeback everytime I install a new driver version, I guess it's conflict with these files ??, I don't understand ??!! (I have to delete every old files contain the old version numbers in C:AMD everytime I check on it)


My system:

AMD RX 580

Windows 10 64bit version 1903

Radeon Software Crimson Edition 19.6.2