New Vega 56 low gpu utilization in most games

Discussion created by esuni on Jun 16, 2019
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I bought a Vega 56 last week and I have been trying it out in some games and in some games it performs worse than my old rx 480 while in others it performs as expected. It performs above average in benchmarks.

In Overwatch it's utilization is usually at 97% (never 100%) This is the best performign title on the card by far.

In Beat saber and other VR titles it just throttles the card to save power and reach 90 hz which I suppose is alright.

However, if I play a game like Witcher 3 it just throttles for no reason to a wonky 20-44FPS at 1440p on my 144hz monitor, missing it's freesync range. My cpu hovers around 30-60% on all cores, no cap on my ram. Gpu and CPU temps are sub 77C, HBM doesnt go above 81C while the GPU just sits at ~60% utilization with lowered clocks sucking up sub 100W power. If I don't set the minimum stage to 7 the clocks, power usage and fps will go even lower. As I mentioned earlier, in Overwatch it does fine and in many games it pulls this off.

I've attempted many changes in overclocks and undervolts, put max power at +50%. I updated all drivers, bios, chipset drivers and windows to latest version with no changes. Changed from 1 2x 6+2 pin cable in 1 cable to 2 different 6+2 pin cables with no change. Power saving modes are all off.



Low gpu utilization with no bottlenecks


What can I do about this to fix this problem? Is this a hardware or software issue?



Reference Vega 56

i7 6700K @ 4.6ghz

2x8 3Ghz DDR4 ram dual channel

Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard

Corsair RM Series RM750x (PSU)

1440P 144hz Freesync monitor+ 1080P 60hz monitor + Oculus rift



Windows 10 build 1903

Amd 19.6.1 drivers

Latest chipset drivers

Latest Bios for my MoBo