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How to get my 2400G vega to display to 2nd monitor while RX570 displays the primary.

Question asked by mxpie57 on Jun 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by mxpie57

I'm on a fresh win 10 install.

ASrock AB350 gaming K4


when I first attempted this I just force enabled the iGPU in BIOS after my system was updated and all drivers installed.  But as long as the igpu was enabled it would BSOD on boot with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION and atikmdag.sys as problem.

I then wiped the drivers and removed the 570 from my system.  reinstalled all drivers with just the 2400G.  system booted fine.  I reinstalled the 570 and again forced the iGPU enable and again the same BSOD.  with iGPU to auto windows does not detect it so I suspect it disables with the 570 present.


Years ago I had no problem getting this to work on an A10-7850K and 380 on win 8.1.   What am I missing here?