AMD Radeon Settings - Fan Controls Different to Online Documentation

Discussion created by atree on Jun 14, 2019
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So I've recently been getting some driver crashes coming from my GPU (R9 380) when it's been getting too hot. Normal enough, GPU's aren't meant to run close to 100C. So I check for new drivers and get the latest version of the AMD Radeon Settings (Adrenaline (I think?)) to try and get some control over what speed the fan runs at and make sure the GPU doesn't get hung in some of its operations.


I should also note that with the previous installation, the "dynamic" fan control that was "automatically" configured by AMD Radeon Settings didn't adjust the fan speed at all, leaving the GPU trying to cool itself from 90C+ at 500RPM.


I'm in the 'new and improved' Radeon Settings and the window and interface and everything is basically all the same as before. In the Global WattMan I'm still limited to just being able to choose the minimum RPM for the fan, and it still has the issue where the fan only ever runs at half the speed that I set the "minimum" to. I have no graph next to the fan settings and don't even have a temp gauge for when I'm changing the "minimum".


For reference, I'm looking at this page on the AMD website, under Fan and Temperature, which I was directed to by clicking on the documentation button in the newly installed AMD Radeon Settings: