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Is 2D support half baked?

Question asked by fatheredpuma81 on Jun 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by pokester

So I recently upgraded from a GTX 960 to an RX 580 and i'm having many various issues with just 2D in general while running 3D games. Things such as Forza Horizon 4 crashing Chrome when I open it or crashing Discord when I stream my Desktop with it with a 50/50% chance if the game crashes as well, GTA 5 encountering some unknown issue which results in Discord and Steam restarting, PCSX2 giving buggy commands to the graphics card resulting in Chrome, Winrar, Steam, Discord, and locking my Desktop forcing me to start explorer.exe manually, and BF5 outright crashing when I so much as open MSI Afterburner to figure out why at 60C the fans are running at 99%.

Before getting the RX 580 my computer was nearly perfect when it came to responding even when a game would crash. Now if a game has an issue everything has an issue... 



Also I found out yesterday when I plugged in my 1024p monitor that apparently the GPU can't handle this without running the vram at max speed because "this is intended and nvidia is just better" (not word for word) according to a post I found here.



Any ideas what's going on and is this seriously what's expected of AMD? 



1. I'm using the latest drivers as of like 5/29/2019 (when I got the card)

2. Used DDU to full uninstall Nvidia drivers

3. Have Windows driver updates disabled (so no outdated driver installs at random)

4. I use Bitdefender and scan with MBAM, ADWCleaner, and Super Anti spyware semi regularly so it's not a virus.

5. Have a EVGA 650w 80+ Gold so it's not a power issue

6. Temps at their highest are in the upper 70s under synthetic stress tests

7. I did NOT have these issues before switching