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Why Forza Horizon 4 VRAM utilization dropping?

Question asked by cheetah_hunter on Jun 13, 2019

I've been loving this game, until recently i realised that when I pause the game or keep the game still for 30-45 mins, and return to the game, it stutters heavily. Now I have been trying to figure out the cause, but couldn't find any. The only solution was to restart the game and be careful not to stay still in the game for too long. Okay, so now the problem is, today, i planned to turn on the radeon metrics and check out on the numbers when I realised that when the game lags, the VRAM is @ 0.024 GB. I thought the metric was broken but when I restarted the game, its showing 2 GB being utilized(no stutters, game running smooth @ 60 fps high). So what is going on? Is it an amd issue or is it a problem with the game? I'd really appreciate any help.


My specs:

intel pentium G4560 @ 3.5 ghz

radeon rx560 4gb ddr5

8gb ddr4 corsair ram

antec 500 w psu

1tb toshiba hdd

AMD Driver used - 19.5.2