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maya crash when cpu checkbox is on

Question asked by pipegonzarpo on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by david_s

Hi, i´d been trying to render in maya 2018 with cpu + gpu (amd r9 290x) and with in active viewport it handles, but when i hit production render, render, batch render, or render sequence, only gets a spike on gpu usage and maya crashes out and close the file.



core i7 4770

32 gb RAM

AMD r9 290x (4gb)



maya 2018

AMD Render pro 2.6.294



can anyone help me please telling me what am i doing wrong?


render try with just GPU on works 


But if i hit render with both cpu+gpu it will close down all maya without notice, (same as just CPU box on)


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pikes up before agressive crash