Weird behavior Radeon HD 7800

Discussion created by ccardozo on Jun 12, 2019

I'm working with 3d studio max and suddently the models becomes caothics, in the view, but when render them there's no wild vertex

I've tested my games and occurs exactly the same thing, Fallout 4, Generation Zero (this one directly crashes) and EVE Online (here all the texts flickers and appears lines and planes in the void space)
I'm uploading a little video of 3ds Max to Youtube so you can see what i'm talking about, and also renderings of the same scenes so you can see the diferences

Here's the video link:

My question is if this error comes from the video card or it is caused by the microprocessor of the computer
I've just reinstalled windows 10 hoping that fixes the glitch, but after reinstall MAX the same error appears
PLease, i need an answer, because my job is based in this designs
Thanks in advance

Carlos Cardozo

rendering 1

rendering 2