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Blender RPR v2085 - Camera Move Animations - Camera Fails to Move as Keyframed

Question asked by gelert on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by reztechalex

There is a new bug in the latest Blender RPR v2085 plugin.


If you keyframe the Camera to change positions over a duration of time and then use the standard Render Animation functions in Blender to output an animation the Camera never actually moves from it's initial position.


The rest of the animated objects do their motions but the camera never updates.


If you move the playhead manually and render individual frames manually the camera does indeed update.


It is only using the Render Animation function in Blender that the camera doesn't move.


The final render should look like this YouTube video (rendered in older versions of Blender and RPR):

Helter Skelter - YouTube 


Embedded below is what Blender 2.80 and RPR v2.0.85 does today (rendered on VEGA 20 on MBPi9 2019):



I also attach the original Blender file for testing purposes.


All materials have been removed.