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Radeon VII 21:9 monitor no uefi bios

Question asked by metuz on Jun 10, 2019
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I can't enter bios with my Radeon VII if I use my 21:9 LG monitor (3840x1600), if I connect an old monitor I'm able to get into BIOS. If I use an old GeForce 970 or Vega 64 I don't have any issues.

It not just that it can't display the bios, but it completely ignore Delete press in boot process and go into Windows.


I have updated the vBios using ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES, INC. VBIOS END USER SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT (OBJECT CODE ONLY) | AMD but din't change anything. to



GPU Sapphire Radeon vii

Mortherboard Asus Zenith (x399) 1701bios

CPU Threadripper 1950

Monitor lg 38uc99-w (can't eventer bios)

Samsung TV via hdmi (can enter bios)

Samsung 16:9 monitor (can enter bios)