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RX590 black screen after 19.6.1 drivers

Question asked by diegod96 on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by goodplay

My Rx590 has been working perfectly since I built my computer in April. I downloaded the 19.6.1 drivers from AMD and it worked for a couple of hours and then in the middle of CK2 the screen went black and my monitor was blinking looking for an HDMI 2 signal from the computer. While the Screen was black all of the components in the computer stayed on. The fans for the RX590 Fat Boy stopped and the two lights above the power connectors stayed blue. I restarted the PC and went into device manager and windows is saying the RX590 is working properly. I first thought my windows OS was corrupted so I made a fresh install of windows and updated to the current 1903 build, updated my motherboard bios to the current version, and my chipset. I then tried to reinstall 19.6.1 drivers and the screen went black again halfway through installation of said drivers. The pc ran fine with Microsoft basic display adapter so I know the problem is with the driver software or my physical GPU. I then contacted AMD support and they provided the instructions to use the DDU tool, wipe the AMD folder in program files, and then install the 19.6.1 drivers. I followed all of those steps they provided me and the installation went through fine and the rx590 was recognized as the display adpater.5 minutes later the screen went black again. The fans for the GPU turned off and all of the components in the pc stayed on. AMD then recommended to me to download 19.4.1 and said that if that does not work then the problem is most likely hardware. 


I doubt the issue is my GPU since it has been working great until the 19.6.1. if it had any hardware issues or was a "lemon" those problems, I believe, would have shown the first time the computer was turned on and during installing the first drivers. 


I also noticed on my motherboard (Gigabyte B450 Aourus Pro Wifi) that whenever the screen goes black, the components in the pc stay on, and the GPU fans turn off, that there is a blinking red light on the bottom right-hand side of the motherboard. Whenever the PC is on, those lights are gone. Is that something I should be worried about?


Has anyone had these issues with drivers and the rx590? Is this a hardware or software problem?