Weird r9 390x behaviour

Discussion created by vitooo7ooo on Jun 11, 2019

Hi.I have radeon r9 390x.And when i play games i her my graphic card like its trying to speed up and the when its i guess at its peak i hear like click and then i slow down and they try to speed up again and then again slow down..When im not playing game its quiet and its all normal.Also at some stages of game when im in menu its quiet and running normally.But when im in game lets say in fps.Its trying to run faster i guess and then it slow down and try it again.And lately i also experience a lot of audio bugs where sound is cut off or lagging and i hear it lets say 30 secound after it really happen in game.And i run all games on medium setting atd wit this car it sould run at high or ultra.So...what sould i do with that speeding up and slowwing down or crashing or whatever it is?