No thanks AMD

Discussion created by billthecat on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by ajlueke

 I find it hard to imagine just what the hell is going though AMD's mind but for the very first time I'm actually mad at AMD.

  I've bought AMD cpu's from way back with my first AMD 386 40mhz cpu and a AMD/ATI AIW video card. Good products at good prices.  I am more sensitive to this current price's due to being disabled so it's hard to afford new products and def. can't go anywhere near high end parts. And now see low to mid range going for high end prices all I can say is no thanks AMD. I just don't get into being someone who wants to fork out gas money for someones new Ferrari.  Prices will have to change quite a lot before I see my way to even think of buying any of your products.  

     I know everyone wants to get rich, and I was scared when AMD was heading down the drain before Ryzen came around and have up till now AMD was one business I actually liked. But now, putting a god damm mid-range video cards in step with Nvidia's massive price hike is not nice at all. And with the price of the new cpu line all I can see is a very greedy company to fit in with the other scumbag's (Intel, Nvidia) prices that are both hyper inflated due to lack of supply on Intel's side and just no competition on the Nvidia side saw prices raised beyond normal costs. So AMD is getting into the lets screw the end users mindset that seems to currently be the norm for tech, games ect....