Code 19 with audio

Discussion created by dbs on Jun 10, 2019

(For those who don't know code 19 is something related with corrupted data in the registry in my case) 




Its a been a couple of weeks and i don't know what to do to solve this problem. 

This is very odd, but sometimes "usbaudio.sys" makes my computer crashes, and when it restart i got no sound and a code 19 on everything related to audio. The only thing i can do to somewhat solve this problem is to reset. It happen very randomly, the last time was a couple of hours ago, i plugged my midi keyboard and no sound was coming out when i was pressing keys, i turned it off and boom, BSOD with the usbaudio.sys as the cause of the problem. 


It also happened with headphones that have a usb cable with them. 


I've tried many things: 

Updating the drivers - Doesn't work

Reseting the computer - Works for days then randomly stops working

Trying to clean the registry - Doesn't work 

I've tried updating the bios - Still waiting on a answer 


I don't know what to do. I've tried so much things and none of them worked so far. I think i'll have to change motherboard.