Mini Streamer

Discussion created by ajlueke on Jun 10, 2019


Small PC for the upstairs living room.  We use it primarily to stream Hulu, Netflix, etc.  It also sees some light web browsing and mostly streaming our collection of 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD movies and TV shows from the server downstairs using Kodi. 
Initially, this case housed an A10-7800 set to 45W using the adjustable TDP.  Even with the Noctua NH-L9a, it was fairly loud as the APU ran pretty hot.  Also, the steamroller based Kaveri did not have hardware support for the newer 4K file types, leading to a choppy streaming experience from the server.
I decided to upgrade to an Athlon 200GE.  The Ryzen based APU had similar performance to the A10-7800 with support for newer file types and a much lower 35W TDP.
The results have been amazing, not only do the 4K movies stream flawlessly, the computer has no audible sound when I push the power button.  I mean, it is near silent as it gets without being passive.  The lower voltage on the DDR4 RAM coming from DDR3 improves bandwidth while dropping temps as well.
Really happy with this APU.




CPUAMD Athlon 200GE
CoolerNoctua NH-L9a with AM4 adapter kit.
MotherboardASRock Fatal1ty B450 Mini-Itx
MemoryCorsair Vengeance 2x8GB 2400MHz at 1.2V
Disc Drive 1Samsung Evo 970 500GB NVMe
Disc Drive 2
Disc Drive 3{drive3}
PSURGEEK 12V Switch DC-DC ATX Pico PSU.  250W Peak Power.
CaseWesena F1C Evo
MonitorToshiba 42" LCD TV