RX560 2GB Triple monitor Set up

Discussion created by nedeljkovicpedja90 on Jun 10, 2019
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Good morning,

I am trying to set up a triple monitor system.
I have Sapphire RX560 2GB model ( no additional power except the one from mobo ) with DVI, HDMI and Dispalyport output.

Since my monitors ( 21.5" LG 22MK400A TN  ) with only VGA outputs I had to buy adapters.
I used DVI to VGA, HDMI to VGA and Displayport to VGA.

When I use only 2 of them , its working nice, but when I connect the third one ( no matter which adapter I use ) the they all start flickering and the third monitor is not turning on. 

What am I doing wrong?


PS: you can find the adapters I am using attached below.