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Unable to LED Control with 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor with Wraith Prism LED Cooler?

Question asked by nhwileys on Jun 9, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2019 by stumbler

It's on rainbow mode, which tells me that the LED is working fine. Not sure if this is a Cooler Master program issue. I have Aura and Wraith Prism software installed for LED control, but when I open it the program is just stuck on the screen saying "Plug in CM Device." 


Everyone else on the message boards that has this problem seems to have the 1st gen, and it's a simple usb plug issue. But mine just came with the one cord, which is plugged into the motherboard. And Asus Aura does not seem to control color customization on the Wraith Prism LED cooler fan.