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Question asked by ioannis on Jun 10, 2019
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Once again dealing with an annoying driver bug in AMD drivers, have to report this one in hope of finally help AMD release proper quality drivers


system specs

msi x99s xpower 

intel 5930k +64gb ram

2x vega frontier 

windows 10 pro latest build with all updates version 1803 (OS build 17134.799)


bug description

upper vega card is connected via a displayport cable to a Benq 10bit monitor (2560x1440) and via an hdmi 1.4 active cable to a 10bit sony tv (1080p) 46 inch model 9005 from 2013. 

The display devices have been set up to work independently showing image on either the monitor or the tv.

If the hdmi cable is connected screen freezes on desktop, mouse pointer is lost and there is nothing that can be done. Also system will not be able to reboot it will just black screen.

If the HDMI cable is removed everything works fine again. The problem is not present with 19.Q2 drivers and with other previous drivers. Problem happens both in crossfire and in non crossfire mode.


Also as a first side note,

radeon pro settings provides crossfire option in both vega cards which is obviously wrong, should list the option only on main upper card. If you choose to enable crossfire in the second lower card then you need to connect the monitor cable on the second card to display image, that is poor and awkward handling from driver settings, pls revert to proper crossfire settings asap.


As a second side note,

i was waiting fro 3+months for a proper driver release since 19.Q1 had (again) a severe monitor bug which was whenever monitor was going to power off it resulted to total system crash (in pc sleep mode was working fine!). That was on desktop with no major apps running or with apps running no matter what, whenever the monitor was switched off from OS after a short period of inactivity this resulted in total system crash. The problem was resolved with newest 19.Q2 drivers.


I am wondering how hard is for AMD to handle standard monitor signals? Advertising pro app certifications without the ability to handle basic tasks makes no sense AMD.