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AMD driver mixup

Question asked by gazofcorra on Jun 10, 2019

I have a MSI B450M Mortar mobo and when i install the latest mobo chipset drivers it also changes my GPU drivers to match the same version as the chipset, when i go to my GPU settings it advises me to download and install a completely different driver. Why when i install my chipset driver does it also alter my GPU driver, when all i am after is making sure my mobo is up-to-date.


As of today here are the list of drivers available:

1. MSI mobo chipset drivers from MSI website (AMD chipset driver version 19.10.08)

2. AMD chipset drivers from AMD website (version 19.10.0429)

3. AMD GPU drivers from AMD website (Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.5.2)


Why when i install the mobo chipset driver does it also change my GPU driver to the same version as the chipset, i was already running GPU driver 19.5.2 and after installing the chipset driver my GPU driver was the same version, but in AMD Radeon settings it advised to install 19.5.2 again? Also why are there 2 different AMD chipset drivers 19.10.08 from my mobo manufacturer and 19.10.0429 from AMD.


I am no techie but i just want the correct drivers for my pc to run smoothly so why is it so confusing, why can't my mobo chipset drivers just do my mobo, why does it also overwrite my GPU drivers and then tell me to change my GPU driver back to another version?