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Amd A8 discrete card is not used

Question asked by john4good on Jun 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by hardcoregames™

Using a dell laptop that came with A8 6410 with R5 512 MB and 2gb discrete card HD8500M, since 2014.


I never played computer seriously on this laptop, but had tested Simcity in the past. I wasn't pleased with the performance. As it wasn't the focus, the game was uninstalled.


Yesterday Amd driver was updated. So I installed Project Reality of Battlefield 2, it was running on low settings, ran windows task manager, and found that discrete graphics is never used! It took a long time to load and was slow.


Under Device manager, display, both integrated and discrete can be seen. Under windows settings, display, advanced graphics , when choosing the classic file option to choose the graphics card, it shows just the R5


In the Amd radeon app, the R5 info alone is mentioned , no info of the 2gb discrete 8500M. In the previous version this discrete card detail was available. The power options are kept at maximum performance. 


What went wrong and how to fix this. How to force to use the discrete card.