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Eyefinity sets monitor resolution to max

Question asked by sandeaterxdrx on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2020 by aindilis

I'm trying to use Eyefinity with 3 monitors, 4K in the middle and 1080 on the sides. I set the 4K to 1080 to match the side monitors so it starts with all monitors at 1080/1080/1080. They are physically the same size and it would work perfectly if Eyefinity didn't force the 4K to display in 4K. What should be 5760x1080 ends up being 7680x1079 and the 4K only uses half the screen.


I know about Advanced settings/Resize Desktop/Fill. When I try that it just clones the display 3 times. I wouldn't want that even if it worked right. I want my 4K to keep displaying at 1080.


Is there a way to keep Eyefinity from forcing the monitor to change resolution?