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updated radeon setting and now sound dosent play through headphones

Question asked by baddesktopkid on Jun 6, 2019
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on June 5 i got a notification on my computer saying that radeon settings had an update so I updated and turned my computer off.  i went from version 19.5.1 to 19.5.2 and after turning my computer on I discovered that sound no longer plays through my headphones.  I opened sound mixer and saw that my moniter is now set as a sound device, which it hasnt been before.  I opened the sound device setting for it and it says under "Controller Information" that it has "AMD High Definition Audio Device" installed on it.  this is the only reason I can find that would cause sound to stop working.  I also checked my HD Audio front panel connector and it is in securely so its probably not that.  Any fix to this would be a very big help, thanks for reading. 



Ryzen 3 2200g

Asus prime b450m-a

RX 570  4gb