Vulkan support on R7 M360 Missing With W10 may update

Discussion created by shimazakid on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by pokester

OK i asked a question but i though it was just to generic so i am asking again in a more elaborated fashion.


Since the octber update i never installed windows 10 from scratch, but for this may update i chossed to do it so


An then, i installed everything in my machine, with octuber update everything was cool but now with may 2019 update, instaling the 19.5.2 adrenaline driver, seems to mess with vulcan support, as every vulvan aplication i launch detects my chip as a Unkwnown AMD GPU, and those vulvan aplications crash or freeze and there is no way to make those programs or games to work again since then.


With the october uptade, vulcan apps ang game worked just fine, i even could use doom with vulkan api at the lowest setting, with this new windows 10 may update, seems imposible to run anything under vultcan itself....


Hope to have an answer, thank you.