Cpu usage increased

Discussion created by cifs on Jun 6, 2019
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Hello, I have a problem with my CPU, for some reason, when booting up the usage is always high for a while then drops, the CPU usage reached 90% when playing fortnite and it has never happened before, I don't know if it can be thermal issues or something. Usually, the CPU usage doesn't go above 20% when booting up. But now the CPU usages are just crazy.


Cpu: Ryzen 5 2600

Motherboard: B450-A pro

Ram: Corsair 3000mhz cl

PSU: Evga 550 watt

SSD: Sandisk 480GB 

HHD: Seagate 2tb 7200rpm

GPU: AMD Rx 580 PowerColor

Case: Nzxt 500

Edit: Now I have a new problem, I was updating my drivers, I updated my LAN drivers located here, I also updated my chipset which is also located at the MSI drivers website, the version I updated to was version 19.10.08, After that I restarted my pc, when to the power options, and saw a new option which was Ryzen Balanced, applied it, and restarted my pc. At that time fortnite was updating, after it finished updating I launched it and when I got to the lobby, My game was not smooth AT ALL, I was getting 4-30 frames when I was moving my mouse, when it was idle I was getting 130 frames, which I should be getting more than that. I closed fortnite, uninstalled the AMD software, and restarted my pc, that didn't solve it, I uninstalled the chipset drivers, didn't solve it, I reinstalled all of my drivers using the ddu software, still didn't solve it. I then used the system restore feature to go back to the windows installation point, that didn't solve it either, I also cleared my CMOS battery and left it out for 10 minutes, and also re-seated my CPU, that didn't seem to fix anything. And this all happened after the chipset update. Here's a dxdiag report just in case an AMD mod wants to view it.