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Radeon RX590 installation issue

Question asked by welshradz1 on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2019 by goodplay

So I bought a new tower recently and wanted to swap over my rx590 to it. I installed it after swapping over the psu from old tower because new tower didn't have enough pcie cables and for some reason this pc wont recognise my gpu. When I boot the pc it will either spin the fans for a moment then they stop or the fans will spin at a very high speed constantly until I force shut down the pc. The pc never boots at all when doing this either, I will always get no signal. I also tried downloading all new amd drivers before installing the gpu and that did not work. Without the gpu installed the pc runs perfectly fine.


ASUS A320M-K motherboard

Coolermaster 500W psu