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Recent drivers are unstable for RX 480

Question asked by red00 on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Hello ... I have a serious problem with your recent drivers on my RX 480 8GB.

Since the driver you released for Sekiro, I have this problem that my card seems to work a bit slower. My PC start-ups and in-game loadings seem to take a bit longer, and this is not everything. The main problem is that, in heavy enough games, in scenes where the screen is full of effects, specially scenes like explosions, burning buildings, sparkles, etc where my card is working with fans on high speed, and is under certain high level of processing, suddenly (usually after a big explosion or when I wait for too long in an area that's full of magical/burning effects) my monitor goes black (like in stand by mode) and my card's fans begin to roar like crazy at fullest speed, and I have no other choice but to turn off pc manually. even restarting won't work and my card remains in its miserable situation until I manually press power button.


I switched back my driver to an older version (19.2.1) and now not only my loadings are a bit faster, and my windows works a bit faster in general, and even thought the performance is the same and my gpu is processing the same data and same heavy games and scenes, it NEVER crashes like how I described above.


Win 10 Pro (updated)



i7 4790K