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Issue with Dual Monitor setup, 240hz 1080p alienware with 144hz 1440p samsung

Question asked by namcost on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by namcost

So back story to help get things straight, AMD support later.

I have an 1800x/RadeonVII setup.

I had a Samsung CHG70 27" HDR monitor. I had it hooked up via display port (1.4 certified cable even though the monitor is 1.2 certified) and it worked great.... Its 1440p, 144hz, HDR600 certified and 10bit color obviously.

Recently, as of today, I finally hooked up my Alienware 24" 240hz monitor. However, I had a few, issues, and still do.

First off, the Samsung CHG70 27" was hooked up via DP. I then hooked the Alienware up via HDMI (it came with it). I then noticed that both screens turned RED (cable failure? gpu failure?). I restarted my computer.

Coming back into windows, all seemed well, except my Alienware 240hz monitor WONT run 240hz.... it simply wont do it. It will go to 144hz, but if I try to set 240hz, it black screens, "can't find signal".

Okay so I switch cables. DP on the alienware, HDMI on the Samsung. Doing Samsung with HDMI limits it to 1440p 100z, no big deal as its going to by my HDR/movie secondary, while the alienware will be used for gaming. All seems well, until I try again to set 240hz on the alienware. It wont do it.

AT THE MOMENT, my issue is this, DP no longer works on my Samsung. I hope it wasn't a port failure on the monitor, but its still new as of this year so its in warranty.... sending it in will be a huge PITA. Restarting the computer doesn't help. And I don't know of any other way to reset the graphics card from knowing which is on what port. It see's a monitor, but it wont send signal or verify which monitor it is. I also have the Samsung display driver installed for both DP and HDMI so it knows hardware wise.... THE ONLY WAY to get 240hz on the alienware, rather its HDMI or DP, is to only have the Alienware hooked up, having the Samsung hooked up as well completely ruins 240hz. I have verified this.

So my question is, is this an AMD failure? Is it a failure with AMD and its inability to run a 1080p 240hz monitor at 8 bit color while having a 1440p 100hz hdr 10bit monitor at the same time? Because as I said, when the alienware is along, it works fine at 240hz. But as soon as the samsung is plugged in, everything breaks.