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AMD radeon HD 7670M DOESN'T WORK !???

Question asked by churumburum on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by pokester

I have literally tried everything, this gpu just does not work.
I have tried every driver and everything is the same, i have an hp pavilion g6-2336tx with intel hd 4000 and amd radeon HD 7670M, and i think since 2015 i have never used it.
All the games i have played is using intel hd 4000, i went to the hp website and detected my laptop, it gave me the drivers i should install, and they didn't work both intel and amd, so that's out of the way the drivers from the manufacturer's website don't work, now let's test the drivers from amd website, i found that i should install either 15.7.1 version or 16.2 crimson edition, they both installed succesfully, but i get the same fps with or without them, even when i turn on high performance and create a profile or whatever and it's the same, i installed MSI afterburner, and it showed me 0 stats on the amd gpu, even the total vram is ~1800mb which means it's only intel working, but then i found a video on youtube and it showed that the correct driver version that works is 14.3, i tried the driver and it showed me ~4000mb or vram i was happy thought i finally installed my gpu.
But then it gave me errors whenever i tried to use an app that requires administrative permission, and it gave me errors even after i restarted the system it just corrupted the system, now i can safely say i tried everything and searched everywhere and i can safely say this gpu doesn't work, maybe it stopped working since 2015 or something, since i can find people with the same problem i have and haven't found solutions, i live in a third world country and it's basically impossible for me to upgrade to a better machine, any kind of help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.