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'Sparkle' artifact across whole monitor after installing new RX470, kicks in after BIOS and windows 7 splash screen, at login.

Question asked by bob_banana on Jun 3, 2019

Installed new graphics card everything else is the same, it's weird because the BIOS splash screen doesn't appear anymore either. So I start up the computer, everything's fine, except for no BIOS splash screen, then windows 7 splash screen 'starting windows' comes up, everything's fine, then the monitor flickers on and off and suddenly I get the artifact, for every program, game or video, and in general across the monitor. reinstalled drivers, and optional drivers, don't know what to do


sys specs


AMD FX-8320

Gigabyte GA-LMT78-USB3


520 W PSU

Sapphire Nitro RX470 8GB