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Windows 7 not booting after graphic driver (Radeon HD 7850) install

Question asked by •neko• on Jun 3, 2019

OS: Windows 7
CPU: AMD FX-6100 Six-core Processor

Mainboard: Gigabyte, GA-970A-UD3

RAM: Dual 8GB (4GB x2)


As the title states, once I install any version of the graphic card driver, Windows does not boot. It starts, it gets past the first loading screen, but once it would hit the second loading screen (the light blue one), not only windows but my entire computer stops reacting to any keyboard and mouse inputs, forcing me to either turn it off or restart it.
I have attempted:

Installing any and all versions from 13.1 to 15.2
Reinstalling windows
Formatting the hard drive
A clean install
Installing the driver after all windows updates, be it optional or not have been installed
Installing the driver AMD themself think is right for me
Installing it on a different hard drive, until I tried it on every one
• Switching the RAMs to a different port


When the issue started, I had windows installed on a SanDisk 258GB SSD, and now have it installed on a Samsung QLC 1TB SSD

There have not been any recent new installations, a revert back to a stable state does work, although it leaves me without a proper graphic driver,


I ran out of things that I can try, I have completely run dry of ideas.

- Neko