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FRTC bug at 201-300fps

Question asked by morpheuszero on Jun 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2019 by morpheuszero

My CPU is Ryzen 7 2700,graphics card is Sapphire Vega64 nitro+.

Graphics card driver is 19.5.2.

SYSTEM is windows10 1903.


When I create a game profile(like CSGO,overwatch) and set FRTC 30-200fps,FRTC is working well.BUT when I set FRTC 201-250fps,framerate in the game will be limited at 250fps.When I set FRTC 251-300fps,framerate in the game will be limited at 300fps.


AMD Official website( says "FRTC offers targets in the range of 30 to 200 fps".I think it is right.

BUT AMD Graphics card driver give us the range of 30 to 300 fps,and it is not working well at 201-300fps.


I have tested 120,180,200,201,220,230,249,250,251,270 fps and get this conclusion.It is so boring.

My native language is not English,I'm sorry.