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Ryzen 5 2600X, MSI mobo not working

Question asked by brandon6gc on Jun 1, 2019
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CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X (paired with Corsair H100i liquid cooler)

GPU: Nvidia 1060 3GB

RAM: 16GB (8x2) Corsair Vengeance DDR4 @2400MHz

MOBO: MSI B350M Bazooka

PSU: Corsair CX750M 750W

Samsung EVO SSD 500GB

Phanteks case (P350? Something like that)

Razer Ornata Keyboard

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer Firefly Hard Edition

Logitech G935


2 intake fans running through the CPU cooler radiator @ front of case with the front open, 3 exhaust fans 2 on top, 1 at the back. Corsair HD120 case fans.


(peripherals listed due to the fact that maybe one of the drivers for it could be causing issues that someone is aware of)


I bought a prebuilt from Best Buy a while ago. It came with a Ryzen 5 1400, 400-450W EVGA PSU (can't remember) and MSI RX580 4G OC ARMOR and an 8GB ram stick. I have literally changed everything but the motherboard and the case and I still get stutters and freezes in most games. Games like CSGO, Insurgency Sandstorm, PUBG, and a few others. I'm tired of throwing money at it. I borrowed my friend's GPU which was a single fan 1060 3G (looks cheap). I know it's not the best but should be able to keep up with CSGO and games on a lower setting. Basically I changed everything but the mobo and wiped the OS on a fresh SSD and it still runs horrible. The Ryzen 5 2600X is clocked @4.0GHz and 1.3v running stable. Browsing and opening applications is fine. All the peripherals are detected fine, there's no cracks that I am aware of on the motherboard, no burning smell, no physical signs of wear. BIOS is latest update, everything is updated. Power options are set for best performance. I've attached idle temps and other stats for GPU and RAM. I stressed the CPU with Prime95 when I installed it and it maxed out at about 63C. Stressed for an hour. Like I said, I'm tired of throwing money at it to run horrible and am running out of solutions. I watched some Gen 2 Ryzen AM4 socket motherboard reviews and bought an MSI B450 Tomahawk that's currently on it's way. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance,